Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sunny Side

Hey, it’s summer! Wahoo! I love summer. The carefree, lazy-hazy days—at least there should be—days like that I mean. Take the time to stretch out in the grass and gaze at the stars.  And figure out what pictures the clouds are making—it’s a never-ending free show.

Folks are skipping town for vacations, whether it’s camping in the good ‘ole mountains and stackin up s’mores, or buying a fiery red opal from a quaint shop in Australia.

Speaking of wandering off, I was reading in a wonderful old 1905 book called THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET by Marshall P. Wilder. Wherever he went, he noticed the “sun” in things—the positive, the humorous, the warm-hearted. Here’s one of his findings:

Find the sunny side of the street in your summer travels and your sojourns at home.

Oh hey, I wanted to let you know—I read a wonderful post on Elana Johnson’s blog that reflects this sunny disposition. Click on this highlight and read it for yourself for some sunshine in your day!

Thanks for coming! See you next post, probably Wednesday night.
Til then . . .

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Hogan's Hero's Swim School said...

Last night was so much fun. I loved meeting you in person. What a difference that makes! Thanks, girl