Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Rule I Broke - For Elana Johnson's POSSESSION Book Launch

A rule I broke . . .

I lied, okay, I lied!

One Friday night in my high school days, I went to one of the dance places I liked to dance holes in my shoes at. I met this guy who kept asking me to dance all night.

The first dance, he asked me about myself and—I don’t know, I went a little crazy—and I told him my Dad was a U. S. Ambasador to Nepal. I informed him that my family lived there in Khatmandu while I was just here to attend college.

He totally believed me and was fascinated about my life there. As he asked me all about it, I kept elaborating.

All the knowledge I fed him about the country, I recalled from a Barbara Cartland novel I had just read! (Thank you, Barbara!)

At the end of the evening, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that none of it was true—but I had so much fun doing it!  

Wahoo for you, Elana and your first book launch! I’m cheering loud!


SHELLY said...

So storytelling has always come natural to you! I loved meeting you at bootcamp too. I'm bummed that our critique group fizzled. We need to keep in touch!

Katie Dodge said...

I can so see you doing that! Love it :D

Unknown said...

Is this your story or Elana's? Either way, it's hilarious.

Unknown said...

I once faked an English accent when I met a cute boy. Just for a minute. It was so disheartening how much his interest waned when I dropped the Brit and switched back to plain American. His eyes went from interested to polite in 3 seconds flat.

You made the right choice. :)

Julie Flanders said...

How fun, the Barbara Cartland bit made me laugh! :D I guess you have always been good at telling stories. Cute post! :)

Brenda Sills said...

@Shelly Yes! lets keep in touch! What happened to our group anyway? I never heard. Thanks for coming to my blog!

@Katie Can you now? Hmm. What does this mean about me?! Me thinks you know me too well. :D (Disclaimer: I do not lie nowadays, okay maybe little white lies, or making up stories, or embellishing things a bit, or— okay, just forget about it!)

@Momma Chickie Hey, good to "see" you! This is my story, truly it is. I joined in with a bunch of blogs celebrating Elana Johnson's POSSESSION book launch. Thanks for laughing - I only hope that guy isn't reading this!

@Robin That's so funny you did something similar! How weird of that guy to lose interest so quickly over your AWOL accent. I laughed when you said I made the right choice!

@Julie I'm so glad Barbara Cartland made you laugh! I devoured her books when I was in High School - so happy to pay tribute to her here! :D Thanks!