Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Title's Story

~Ezra Kendall

Without further ado, I will enlighten you as to the meaning of my title—The Startled Spyglass.

In peering through the spyglass of life, I relish being startled by the humorous, the poignant, the fascinating, the eccentric. They electrify me, and I feel it in me bones.

So I’ll be writing about things that startle me in some way—small, big, and not-so-big.

They may not seem so spectacular to you, but look deeper, squint sideways, hang upside-down until you ESPY THE CURIOUS!

* I'll be back tonight with the happenings of Thursday night / Friday morning. 

1 comment:

Danica said...

Hmm... Sounds pretty intriguing, can't wait for more. :P