Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outside Lies Magic!


Doesn’t that shiver your senses? Harvard professor, John R. Stilgoe isn’t talking about spells, rather about the magic of noticing. His book, Outside Lies Magic, in a sense, embodies what my blog is all about—exploring for the pleasure of noticing. And that’s real magic!

“Exploration encourages creativity, serendipity, invention,” he says.

Here, read a portion of the book flap and see what I mean —


Here’s a quote from the book:

 “Exploring sharpens the skills and makes explorers realize that all the skills acquired in the probing and poking at ordinary space, everything from noticing nuances in house paint to seeing great geographical patterns from a hilltop almost no one bothers to climb, are cross-training for dealing with the vicissitudes of life. Exploring ordinary landscape sharpens all the skills of exploration.”

Hey, I have an idea! How about you try it? Go out and explore Stilgoe style. Then come back and tell me about the MAGIC you discovered. I can’t wait to hear what you found!



P. S.

Hello everyone,
As I am a bit of an eccentric, I enjoyed areas of this book that some might find less interesting. I wanted to add the rest of the jacket copy so you have more of a feel of the book, just in case you’re not as eccentric as I am, and so you won’t feel misled. :D

Here it is:

“Exploration encourages creativity, serendipity, invention, he writes. And while sharing his insights on how to explore, Stilgoe provides a fascinating pocket history of the American landscape, as striking in its originality as it is revealing. Stilgoe dissects our visual surroundings; his observations will transform the way you see everything. Through his eyes, an abandoned railroad line is redolent of history and future promise; front lawns recall our agrarian past; vacant lots hold cathedrals of potential.
            From the electrical grid overhead to fences, malls, and main streets. Stilgoe offers a fresh understanding of the links and fractures in our society. After reading Outside Lies Magic, your world will never look the same again.



Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I simply NEED this book. Wow. That's what I call "Finding Joy." Stepping outside the narrow and the selfish and truly appreciating the world around you and the life in you. Beautiful!

Jonene Ficklin said...

Brenda, love your blog! Sounds like a great book, too!

Julie Flanders said...

Hi Brenda! I just discovered your blog, it's wonderful. This sounds like such a great book, I'm going to look for it now. Love it!

It's great to meet you, and thanks for sharing!

Brenda Sills said...

Thank you Kimberly, Jonene, and Julie! Your comments did my heart good! Julie, it's so great to meet you too! Wow - thanks! And it's so great to meet you Kimberly, and I already know how wonderful Jonene is! Thanks so much for your comments, I love them!

For any of you who are thinking of buying this book, please read the remainder of the jacket copy I added to the post so you have the whole picture of what the book is about. I'm a bit of an eccentric, and I enjoyed all parts of the book, but I wanted to make sure you had a complete sense of what the whole book is about. Thanks! You're awesome!

Kimberly Krey said...

Sounds fascinating! I love discovering ideas that really speak to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and your overall fun and unique enthusiasm!

Hermana Maw said...

I could use some more magic in my life. :) Thanks! And your blog is gorgeous!

Brenda Sills said...

Thanks so crazy much, Kim and Leisha! Your comments are so wonderful, I feel like dancing for the sheer happiness of it!